Response Overview

We provide 24/7 support through our Duty Officer, and activate our Healthcare Emergency Coordination Center (HECC) to provide a critical link among healthcare facilities, public health departments and other key government partners. Through the HECC, we coordinate information sharing to increase situational awareness and facilitate resource requests, patient tracking and informed decision making. Healthcare organizations are encouraged to call the Network’s Duty Officer or HECC to report emergency events that significantly impact facility operations, such as a utility interruption, capacity issues, critical-need resource shortage or patient evacuation. Other partners, such as Public Health, Emergency Management, EMS and community organizations, are encouraged to call the Network’s Duty Officer or HECC to notify us of an incident, or to request healthcare situational awareness or a liaison. Download our HECC Contact Information Sheet so you know when and how to reach us in the event of an emergency.    


In January 2020, the Northwest Healthcare Response Network (NWHRN) activated and was a part of the multi-agency response to COVID-19 in Washington State. The NWHRN continues to support State and Local leaders and healthcare providers across the W. WA Coalition Service Area.

The following pages provide information and links to assist in the response to COVID-19 in Washington State.

COVID-19 State, Federal and Local – Documents and links to information about the response to this outbreak, guidance, and recommendations.
COVID-19 Operational Documents & Response ToolsCrisis Standards of Care guidance and algorithms, response strategies, and other operational frameworks.
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