Washington Medical Coordination Center (WMCC)

The Washington Medical Coordination Center (WMCC) is a product of ongoing collaboration between Washington Disaster Medical Coordination Centers (DMCCs) and the Northwest Healthcare Response Network. WMCC was established to triage and place COVID-19 and related patients requiring acute hospital care in an equitable manner across Washington. Operated 24/7 out of Harborview Medical Center, the WMCC aims to prevent any single hospital or small group of hospitals from experiencing significant COVID-19-related resource strain by balancing patient placement across the region and supporting transport coordination to hospitals with additional capacity. In addition to supporting patient/resident placement from healthcare facilities, such as long-term care centers, the WMCC stand ready to assist hospitals at maximum capacity seeking to decompress by transferring a group of COVID-19 or non-COVID-19 patients to other hospitals for continued care.

Below are documents and links to related resources:

COVID-19 Pandemic Healthcare Surge Strategies Framework

The COVID-19 Pandemic Healthcare Surge Strategies Framework is a regional guide for identifying healthcare delivery system-specific response roles, opportunities for cross-sectoral and multi-jurisdictional coordination and collaboration, and recommended actions to decrease the burden of anticipated or actual patient surge incidents and support novel response tactics. This framework is intended to complement, not supersede public health, clinical, and regulatory guidance, and should not be considered exhaustive. The listed response actions under each section come from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, healthcare and response agency feedback, subject matter expert recommendations, and identified best practices and lessons learned.


Long-Term Care Support Operational Framework

The Long-Term Care Support Operational Framework was created to offer guidance and resources to Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) that support Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic. LTC facilities include Washington State licensed long-term care residential care, including nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities), assisted living facilities, and adult family homes. The goal is to provide strategies to mitigate facility COVID-19 outbreaks, decrease disease transmission, increase information and training opportunities, support the LTC workforce, and maintain patient care in LTC facilities.

Crisis Standards of Care guidance and algorithms

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