We aim to provide useful information to our partners and agencies to enable them to make informed decisions.

Winter Advisories and Related Information

For winter weather, click here for our Winter Weather Resources flyer, which includes winter preparedness information and links for utility and transportation resources to help facilities and staff be prepared and informed. WA State Department of Health also has tips and useful information on their Severe Weather and Natural Disasters page. Click here to access that page.

Tip Sheets:

Healthcare Provider Resources

Click here for WA State Department of Health information page for Pubic Health and Healthcare Providers with links to resources and services.

Clinical Pediatric Resources

Click here for a compilation of pediatric resources with links to resources from our partners and stakeholders.

COVID-19 Resources

For resource links related to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Response Page.

Cyber Awareness resources can be found on this page.

Active Attack (assailant/active shooter) resources, case studies and tools can be found on this page.

Mutual Aid

The ability to communicate with regional partners during an emergency is critical to obtaining situational awareness, making informed decisions and acquiring needed resources. The Network develops strategies for regional information exchange and resource matching, which includes manages a variety of mutual aid agreements, such as:

  • Mutual Aid Plan for Healthcare Resource Sharing
  • Hospital Evacuation and Response Mutual Aid Agreement

Contact us for more information about Mutual Aid agreements by emailing info@nwhrn.org.

Emergency management departments (by county)

Local emergency management offices also provide helpful planning resources, including local hazard vulnerability analyses and comprehensive emergency management plans. You may refer to the resource found below for information about your local emergency management offices.

FEMA | Preparedness Toolkit

The Preparedness Toolkit PrepToolkit provides emergency management professionals the tools to implement the National Preparedness System. PrepToolkit is an online collaborative environment in which individuals from all levels of government and the private and nonprofit sectors can prepare for risks in their communities and provides an avenue to execute preparedness activities efficiently and easily and to share this work with others.