The Network develops innovative, year-round training and exercise opportunities tailored to the unique needs of Washington state’s healthcare community. Our partners—including the leading medical institutions in the region—contribute the latest knowledge to help ensure each training is relevant to the needs of our region’s healthcare organizations.

The Network offers the following workshops, which can be tailored to suit the needs of your facility:

  • Pediatric Disaster Response Workshop
  • Health Support Team Disaster Behavioral Workshop


Network exercises offer healthcare partners the opportunity to practice, test and course-correct their disaster-response services using real-life scenarios. Exercises focus on the top hazards for our region and incorporate vital disaster response tactics (e.g., transferring patients between hospitals).

We offer the following exercises:

  • Facility Emergency Preparedness Plan Activation Drill (Members only)
  • Coalition Surge Test
  • Adding Value Through Exercise Design: Developing Exercises
  • Hospital Surge Capacity Capability Drill and Functional Exercise
  • Get Out of Dodge: Hospital Patient Evacuation Resource Needs Drill and Functional Exercise
  • Healthcare Medical Countermeasures Tabletop and Functional Exercise

Online Training

  • Clinic Disaster Preparedness: Healthcare clinics and outpatient services are a vital part of the healthcare system response during a disaster. However, many clinics and outpatient services and their staff are unprepared for disaster. This online training series will provide basic disaster preparedness training that staff can participate in at a time of their choosing. Students who successfully pass all five module quizzes can receive a certificate of completion.

Healthcare Preparedness Capability by Job Group and Proficiency Crosswalk

  • This crosswalk has been created to support the development of a healthcare emergency preparedness plan and training program and may be used in conjunction with a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA). The HVA helps prioritize what needs to be planned for; the crosswalk identifies the knowledge, skills and resources needed for facilities and staff to effectively respond to incidents.

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