The Washington State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) was established in 2018 to provide clinical guidance and expertise to support state-level decision making on key issues such as medical surge, allocation of limited resources (conservation and rationing), and clinical care strategies, including crisis standards of care in a disaster. The WA State DMAC serves as an advisory body to the WA State Health Officer and the WA State Secretary of Health. The WA State DMAC is administered by the Northwest Healthcare Response Network (NWHRN) on behalf of the WA State DOH.

The development of the materials below started in 2012 with the Central District Disaster Clinical Advisory Committee. (DCAC Central) This work is built upon evidence-based literature review, national recommendations, regional committee meetings and individual subject matter expert workgroups.

The “Scarce Resource Management and Crisis Standards of Care Overview and Materials” contains documents that are frequently updated. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure you are referring to the most current versions. For questions regarding this material or further information on the Network’s Disaster Clinical Advisory Committees, please email us at:, or call 425-988-2898.

Last updated: April 10, 2020.

Scarce Resource Management and Crisis Standards of Care – Full Text

Scarce Resource Management and Crisis Standards of Care – Individual Cards and Algorithms

 Standards of C

Resource Card, Capacity, Triage

Algorithm, Blood, Burn Treatment

IV Fluids, Oxygen, Renal Replacement, Resource