From the WA State Department of Health (DOH) on 2/21/2023:

The Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) has decided to discontinue its work with the Regional Emergency and Disaster (REDi) Health Care Coalition. The REDi Coalition managed the federal ASPR grant for the Hospital Preparedness Program, which provides resources and support for healthcare emergency readiness and response for 19 counties and four tribes in Eastern Washington. The change will become effective on March 3, 2023.

The end of this contract means that the local healthcare partners in Central and Eastern Washington will need a new method to provide key preparedness and response coordination services, including a Duty Officer for reporting health emergencies and issuing health alerts.

The WA State DOH and our regional partners formed an advisory committee to impartially assess the situation and provide decisions on meeting ASPR grant deliverables for the current fiscal year (Budget Period 4).  The advisory committee has recommended the following:

The DOH will provide support for the following activities throughout Budget Period (BP)4 and until a new administrative body is identified to manage the Health Care Coalition:

  • Aiding in response efforts for healthcare facilities across the state
  • Supporting Rural Health and Critical Access Hospitals
  • Providing 24/7 response through the Duty Officer Program
  • Designing and implementing the Medical Response and Surge Exercise

The Northwest Healthcare Response Network will assume responsibility for those activities that provide benefit to healthcare by having statewide awareness. This work will begin on March 3 and will continue on through future budget periods.

  • Providing statewide healthcare facility situational awareness to ensure consistent information is shared across the state and supporting the Washington Medical Coordination Center
  • Conducting a statewide hazard vulnerability analysis using the modified Delphi method
  • Performing communications exercises to ensure that all healthcare can connect in times of emergency and disaster
  • Further developing Crisis Standards of Care in support of DOH

As we move forward,  DOH will lead the discussions and process to find a new administrative body to manage the REDi Health Care Coalition. The process includes the issuing of Request for Proposals (RFP) and hosting town halls and listening sessions with partners across Washington State.

Further communications and information will be shared.  As you have questions or concerns about the transition process, please reach out to DOH’s Healthcare Preparedness email at or