Emergency Response

We provide 24/7 support through our Duty Officer, and activate our Healthcare Emergency Coordination Center (HECC) to provide a critical link among healthcare facilities, public health departments and other key government partners. Through the HECC, we coordinate information sharing to increase situational awareness and facilitate resource requests, patient tracking and informed decision making. Healthcare organizations are encouraged to call the Network’s Duty Officer or HECC to report emergency events that significantly impact facility operations, such as a utility interruption, capacity issues, critical-need resource shortage or patient evacuation. Other partners, such as Public Health, Emergency Management, EMS and community organizations, are encouraged to call the Network’s Duty Officer or HECC to notify us of an incident, or to request healthcare situational awareness or a liaison. Download our HECC Contact Information Sheet so you know when and how to reach us in the event of an emergency. In the event of critical healthcare supplies or equipment shortage, refer to our Resource Request Process and Flow Chart and 213RR Resource Request Form.Download the form here.


The Network is the Western Washington administrator of WATrac (Washington System for Tracking Resources, Alerts, and Communication), Washington State’s web-based healthcare resource tracking and alert system for statewide collaboration on a daily basis and during emergency responses. You may also want to download WATrac FAQs and feature information. Accurate patient tracking is a key aspect of Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) response and essential for effective family reunification, and WATrac provides a platform for multiple healthcare facilities to track patient information from an MCI in a single location.