Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic healthcare organizations and local health jurisdictions throughout our region have maintained a strong commitment to collaboration with one another to ensure a coordinated approach to the healthcare system’s pandemic response and caring for patients. This collaboration continues as many of the region’s major medical institutions have again committed together to continue masking in their acute care and outpatient clinic facilities in advance of the removal of the Secretary of Health Mask Order on April 3, 2023. This decision is timely as the region continues to face a burden within the healthcare system and the risk for severe disease associated with infection amongst vulnerable populations is ongoing.

This regional consensus provides a consistent and clear message that these healthcare organizations continue to prioritize the health and safety of both their patients and employees. This consensus statement informs each organization’s individual policies and procedures related to the continued protection of employees and patients through masking in patient care areas and public spaces.

To read the full consensus statement, click here.

The consensus statement has been developed by an Ad Hoc Working Group for the Continuation of Masking in Healthcare Facilities coordinated by the Northwest Healthcare Response Network.

“The commitment of healthcare and public health leaders to work together and collaborate on strategies and solutions to support patient care across the region has been the cornerstone of our health and medical response. The development of this consensus statement and recommitment among healthcare leaders to continue masking in healthcare facilities exemplifies the strength of our partnerships, the power of the ongoing collaboration across the region and exemplifies the dedication  to continuing to protect the health and safety of patients, staff and the most vulnerable in our communities.” – Onora Lien, Executive Director, Northwest Healthcare Response Network 

Media inquiries about the Northwest Healthcare Response Network please contact (monitored during business hours).

Please contact healthcare facilities directly for media inquiries or statements regarding their organizational involvement or masking policies.

Note: This consensus statement reflects voluntary adoption of these principles among am regional healthcare organizations. The organizations listed on this statement is not exhaustive of all of the organizations that may continue masking practices in their facilities in line with Washington State Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance. Each healthcare organization is responsible for setting the appropriate policies and practices for COVID-19 infection prevention appropriate to their organizational needs and specific patient populations.