The Network facilitates region wide planning with healthcare and other emergency response organizations to establish relationships, leverage expertise and develop plans and tools. Working together with our partners, the Network has developed plans and tools to help prepare all types of healthcare facilities for their next emergency, including:


Resources and Information Sharing

The ability to communicate with regional partners during an emergency is critical to obtaining situational awareness, making informed decisions and acquiring needed resources.

For winter weather, here is the latest list of resources, such as utility and transportation links, to keep you prepared and informed.

Our Frequently Request Resources list with links for alerts and hazard information has been updated and compiled by District. Click here to download

The Network also develops strategies for regional information exchange and resource matching. This includes manages a variety of mutual aid agreements, such as:

  • Mutual Aid Plan for Healthcare Resource Sharing
  • Hospital Evacuation and Response Mutual Aid Agreement

Community Planning Resources

Local emergency management offices also provide helpful planning resources, including local hazard vulnerability analyses and comprehensive emergency management plans. These resources can be accessed at the following websites:

Quick Links

  • For a downloadable list of the Network’s resources click here.
  • Active Shooter: Quick links for preparedness and response.
  • Flu SeasonQuick links for preparedness and the latest news.

For more information about the Network’s plans and planning initiatives, contact us.