As a coalition, our greatest strengths come from the innovation, collaboration and leadership of our members and partners. All of our efforts are enhanced when we are able to share and learn from the experiences of others.  The NWHRN Preparedness Awards recognize the valuable contributions of individuals or teams among our healthcare members and partners that have been particularly innovative, collaborative, or provided the leadership needed to evolve preparedness and response planning.

Three award categories will recognize outstanding accomplishments related to healthcare system preparedness in the following areas:

Excellence in Innovation: To recognize an innovative approach that supports or further strengthens emergency & disaster preparedness efforts. Pushing the envelope is what it is all about!

Excellence in Collaboration: To recognize an individual or organization that has utilized strategic collaboration to enhance emergency preparedness. There is safety in numbers!

Excellence in Leadership: To recognize an individual within an organization that has provided the leadership required to support an emergency preparedness project or activity among many competing priorities. Sometimes leadership makes the difference!

Read more about the 2019 Preparedness Award criteria and nomination process here.