The Northwest Healthcare Response Network (NWHRN) has a unique and vital role in disaster planning, response and recovery: We lead and coordinate a coalition of hospitals and other healthcare organizations, public health leaders and emergency response partners to ensure Western Washington communities can get needed healthcare services during emergencies and disasters.

NWHRN has led regional healthcare coordination and response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing healthcare capacity and response challenges since January 2020.

What NWHRN is doing:

  • We provide ongoing situational awareness to healthcare and emergency response partners on the status of hospital capacity, healthcare system impacts including pediatric capacity.
  • We coordinate surge response strategies and tactics with hospitals, healthcare and the response community.
  • We coordinate hospitals, other healthcare, public health and emergency response partners to collaborate, share information and share best practices in support of ongoing response and healthcare delivery.
  • We inform and advise state and local leaders on issues impacting healthcare response and recommend solutions.
  • We provide operational support to the Washington Medical Coordination Center with data, planning, and convening and coordinating hospital partners in support of this capability.


Current Focus: Pediatric Surge

  • We provide daily situational awareness about pediatric capacity and convene regular provider calls for situational awareness, information sharing, problem-solving and coordination.
  • We lead pediatric clinical coordination and planning to develop surge strategies, tactics and for pediatric care, in support of both pediatric and non-pediatric healthcare organizations.
  • We developed a pediatric toolkit, Pediatric Respiratory Surge Operational Framework Addendum, and other resources designed to support all hospitals in pediatric care strategies for surge.
  • We coordinated the development of integration of pediatric capabilities within the Washington Medical Coordination Center.


Resources and Tools to Support Surge: