Last Updated Jan 12, 2022

Healthcare Staffing:

A surge in COVID-19 cases has contributed to critical capacity challenges across the health care system in Washington as of Jan 2022. Hospitals and long-term care facilities are working to identify and mitigate surge needs every day, and are facing critical staffing shortages. This fact sheet outlines options for staffing resources for healthcare surge needs. It is published by the WA State Multiagency Coordination Group.

Healthcare Staffing Resources fact sheet (WA State)

Volunteer Request Process

Updated information can be found on the WA State DOH website to help facilities and providers navigate the volunteer request process. Visit for information. More information is also on this Volunteer Management Partner Flier, which describes the local and state volunteer pools, and the processes for requesting those volunteers.

Staff Resource Requests (Pierce County only)

Process for medical facilities to submit an ICS 213 RR for Staff Resources. To ensure a more timely response to your requests, read the entire process sheet and comply with the requirements referred to for Pierce County.

Resource Requests

NWHRN is facilitating the resource request processes for healthcare facilities within Western Washington counties. NWHRN does not order, store nor provide PPE directly to facilities. To request resources for healthcare facilities and providers in Western Washington counties, download this 213 RR Form and submit directly to the appropriate county’s contact found in the list below.

(Please Note: King, Kitsap, Lewis, and Whatcom counties have specific processes separate from the 213RR instructions below. Please click the links provided for these counties in the list below for more information.)

In the email submitting the 213RR form, please include the answers to the following questions. If not applicable, type N/A:

  • Did you connect with your facility’s emergency managers?
  • Did you connect with your systems and MOU/MOAs to try and obtain resources?
  • Does your facility have active COVID patient(s)?
  • With the current supply that you have, how long do you have before you’re out of stock?
  • What is your current burn rate?
    • With that burn rate, how long can you go?
    • When is your next expected shipment?
    • Have you asked for a decreased shipment that could be delivered sooner?

Guidelines for completing the 213RR:

  • Complete boxes #1-#15. Fill in the best of your ability but be as detailed as possible. For example, If you are requesting N95 masks, please be sure to include mask make and model your staff is fit tested for. If requesting gloves or gowns, please include sizes.
  • Include contact information for individual at your facility who should be contacted.
  • Ensure resource needs are detailed and provide specific information with numbers needed.
  • Please refer to page 2 of the 213RR document for additional guidance.

Submit your completed form to the following contacts:

For other counties, please send the form back to us at The Network will then forward your completed 213RR to the appropriate Local Health Jurisdiction.

For Eastern WA counties – REDi Healthcare Coalition at

For Region IV (Clark, Cowlitz, Grant, Klickitat, Skamania, Wahkiakum) – Region IV Healthcare Alliance.

For any other counties, please reach out to us at

Non-healthcare inquiries, especially about cleaning, please follow CDC guidance: