Below are documents and links to information about the response to this outbreak, guidance and recommendations:

  • Washington State Department of Health: Check here for updated numbers on infections  and  case information by county
  • Washington State Department of Health healthcare and local health departments page: Click here
  • Washington State Hospital Association Coronavirus resources for hospitals, such as infection control, PPE and testing information: Click here
  • WA State Secretary of Health order that hospitals report data to their healthcare coalitions: Click here
  • Center for Disease Control: The CDC is actively monitoring the novel Coronavirus, and offers good information for healthcare providers, laboratories, public health professionals, businesses and travelers. See especially:
  • Healthcare Ready: A national, non-profit organization, Healthcare Ready leverages relationships with government, non-profit and medical supply chains.  Healthcare Ready offers important insight about the response to this international threat.
  • Cybersecurity warning 3.17.20: NTIC Cyber Center assesses with high confidence that organizations within the Healthcare and Public Health Sector are at high risk of targeted and opportunistic cyber attacks exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic.   Click here to read the full Cyber Advisory.

Local health departments in Western Washington are also providing COVID-19 information to their communities: